Saturday, May 9, 2009

if only

If only I had more time in the day, the week, the month.

I must utter this at least once or twice a day. It has been a while since I posted (but really does anyone but my family even read this?). I have been so busy at work and with spring sports, I just haven't had time to post, catch up on twitter, facebook or even read the blogs I normally do. I feel as if I am running on empty at times. I CANNOT wait until June when work slows and summer takes over. Of course I still have camp and swim team schedules as well as work to deal with, but it is way more relaxed.

Today was a busy one. Pat had to work this morning so I had to handle all 3 girls by myself. Normally not a big deal, but we had 9:00 Tball for Megan, 10:30 soccer for Sarah. Then we had to prepare for a 3pm princess party for Megan at the house. We managed to get it all done and in good spirits, it was miraculous. Megan's Tball coach calls her a "Hitting Machine" and that has gotten her much more interested in the game. Sarah scored 7 goals (I actually only witnessed 5, so I am not 100% sure she has the number corrects) and is floating on a cloud!

The Party of 6 girls (ages 4 and 5) went quite well. We decorated goody bags, home made magic wands, and princess tiaras. We played on the swing set, played pin the tail on the unicorn, and had an awesome scavenger hunt for the princess castle pinata. The girls had so much fun and Sarah was such an awesome helper, I couldn't get over it.

I tucked the girls into bed tonight and felt so good about the day. So often I put them to bed and vow to myself to work hard to be a better mom tomorrow. I hate it when I feel like I've lost my patience with them and that I've yelled at them more than not. Tonight was NOT one of those nights. I kissed their sleeping heads and felt so great about how the day went. I'm not sure what worked today, but I hope I can replicate it over and over again.

Today was one of those days that makes me feel so happy to be their mom.