Friday, January 29, 2010


On Wednesday, we had out eagerly anticipated follow up doctors appointment with the orthopaedist for Sarah's broken clavicle. While we knew it had only been 4 weeks we were hoping to hear good news. In the last week or so, Sarah has not been in any pain and has discovered that she can go without her sling for periods of time. AND she has been able to bathe herself-oh happy day! I knew that we probably would be given the go ahead for sports right away, but I wasn't expecting for her to be sidelined for another month!

They took new x-rays and compared them side-by-side. The doctor was very pleased and she is healing quickly, "laying down new bone nicely" is what he said. However, he has not given her clearance for basketball or PE just yet. He said swimming could start in 2 weeks.

I cannot tell you how devastated Sarah is. By nature, she is an athletic and social child. This is her first time playing basketball and was loving it. She hadn't even played in a game yet. One of her best girlfriends is on the team with her and not being able to participate is killing her. Thankfully, if given the clearance in 4 weeks, she will still be able to play in a few games. When I broke all this to her Wednesday afternoon, she was in tears. My moody child, of course, proceeded to take it out on everyone. Evidently, the fact that she even broke her collarbone is our (her parent's) fault because we decided to go to visit family over the holidays (family that, by the way, she loves and would have been pissed as hell if we hadn't gone). It has nothing to do with the fact that she was running around chasing her cousins and acting like a fool. Nor does it have anything to do with the fact that she was jumping off the stairs that I had already told her not to do!

While this whole situation has been a total pain in the ass, I am so thankful that it wasn't anything more serious.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

holding steady

I haven't lost an ounce since last week. I guess I should be happy though, I didn't gain one either.

Actually, that is wrong. I lost and gained and lost again. Something very weird happened Sunday into Monday. On Sunday, I was down a half a lb from last week. When I woke up on Monday, I was actually up 3lbs. How does one gain 3lbs over night?! Quite strange. Thankfully, by this morning I was back down to where I was a week ago. I've hit the gym 3 times this week and thought I was being good. I guess I will have to start counting points again!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happiness Project: Boost your Energy

This week on the Happiness Project, MiniVanMom asks us to look at ways to boost our energy. According to Gretchen Rubin, "research shows being happy energizes you, and at the same time, having more energy makes it easier for you to engage in activities - like socializing and exercise - that boost happiness. Studies also show that when you feel energetic, your self-esteem rises". The five steps Rubin used to boost her energy are:

  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Exercise better
  • Toss, restore, organize
  • Tackle a nagging task
  • Act more energetic
I don't know anyone who gets enough sleep, certainly not any mother! My day begins when the alarm goes off at 4:55, every school day (unfortunately, this means that sleeping in on the weekends is now 7:15). I really don't know how I can get anymore sleep. I feel as though I am going to bed at a reasonable hour (usually 10ish). Instead of more sleep, I would kill for some recharging time!

I have started to get back on the exercise bandwagon and it feels good. I love the boost that it does give me. The problem is finding the time to actually do it. I can't get up any earlier, and I don't want to workout after dinner. With kids activities, I just don't always have the time. My plan is to make it more of a priority now.

Cleaning house and getting things in order is definitely energizing and contagious. I love the feeling of having things in their place. My real problem is that I don't do it on a regular basis. While my house is clean, it is not always tidy. I am probably a little too laid back on the occasional pile of mail, or pair of shoes cast aside. I've got three kids, the youngest of which is just 21 months. I feel like I am constantly picking up crap and putting it back where it belongs.
I know there are people out there whose homes always look neat and tidy, I wish I was one of those people, I just don't have the energy to do it. There are times when I panic, what if someone just dropped by? Maybe I'm too concerned at what other people would think of me...or maybe I should find the time to tidy on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, my house doesn't look like a bomb went off, just not perfect.

I have too many nagging tasks to even focus in on one. lets review that nagging "to do list"
At least I've gotten the painting/lights/and carpet done.

Act more energetic- I guess that's like acting happy. That is a tough one. I don't know if I have enough energy to feign energy. but, I resolve to stop dwelling on being tired. I have a horrible habit of responding to the question, "how are you?" with "tired". Even if I'm lying, I am going to find a way to respond differently.

I think once I start "acting energetic" and get on a better exercise routine, the energy will very own Field of Dreams.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back on the wagon

After a two week battle with the cold from hell, I am back on the shrinking bandwagon! I have barely lost anything (.4lbs to be exact), but you gotta start somewhere, right!

I've started back to the gym this past weekend, and promptly overdid it! My legs and hips were so sore from running on the treadmill, I had to take a day off! Of course, my plans to hit the gym today were derailed by a student in my office with a serious crisis. Her mother couldn't get to pick her up from my office until 3:30, so my plans to workout from 3-4 were shot. However, I am resolved to go tomorrow. Once the kids are done with their homework, I may try to run on our treadmill in the basement. However, that requires relying on the older two to play with their baby sister for 20 minutes. They way they are fighting today, it may not be possible. How many calories do I burn every time they raise my blood pressure? That's got to count for something, right?

Here's to a better week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am I happy?

Last week I wrote about the Happiness Project. A blogger I have been reading for a while now decided to lead a few of us down a journey exploring happiness and what it means for us. The assignment this week is to answer three questions:

Why are you doing this project?
What is your history in trying to be more happy?
What does happiness look like for you?

I'm not sure what happiness looks like for me, completely. I have a great marriage, 3 beautiful and healthy girls, a job that challenges me, a great home and wonderful family nearby. When I think of other people I know who have more difficult life circumstances, I am happy that my life seems so good. Then, of course, there is always the flip side.

When I look at the big picture, I think I'm happy. Do I feel happy on a daily basis? Not very often. I know for a fact that even though I am considered by many friends to be very patient, I actually lose it quite often with my kids. I hate the constant strife there is at home. I hate the yelling and subsequent tears that are inevitable on an almost daily basis. I hate that I don't have the time to just BE with my kids and give them the individual attention they need. I want to be able to do things with them, but am often "too busy" with checking homework, cleaning, laundry, cooking, paying bills, etc. I hate how stressed I get knowing that some aspect of my life is always getting the short end of the stick, and too often, it is my kids.

This project is not about focusing on what I hate, however, so I need to figure out what happy would look like to me. I know that happiness has got to have less stress and more me time. What has worked for me in the past has been to be able to find just a little bit of time to recharge my own batteries so that I can be a better mom to my kids. You know what they say...happy mommy, happy family. Or maybe they don't say that, but I certainly will!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

weigh in wednesday

Why is it that every time I try to make a positive change I get slammed with something that de-rails me. Ok, maybe it's not every time, but it certainly feels like it.

This week was supposed to be the week I started back to the gym (or at least the Wii Fit, or treadmill). However, I wake up Monday with that tell tale twing in the back of my throat. I spend Monday afternoon at the MVA trying to renew my drivers license (more about that another time) and was unable to hit the gym after work. Tuesday, I really start feeling like crap and today is even worse. What the hell body? You just had 2 weeks off of work (granted they weren't stress free). But seriously, my body got a break and I still got sick! UUGGHH!

Of course, there are still goodies from the holidays in the house and my dear husband has been in charge of meals the last 3 nights. (take out Chinese, creamy chicken casserole, and then a creamy bake-yourself pasta dish from Costco) Not the best for dieting. While I am glad I did not have to be responsible for meal prep, it did nothing for my weigh-in this week. Being sick hasn't helped either. I think my body has retained every ounce of liquid I have ingested the past few days just so it can use it to clog up my sinus cavities!

Suffice it to say, the first weigh-in Wednesday of the new year and I'm up a pound. Totally NOT how I wanted to start the year. Hopefully, I'll kick this cold (with sore throat, cough and headache) soon, so I can get moving!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happiness Project

I've decided to participate in a Happiness Project started by Minivan Mom (one of my absolute favorite reads). The first challenge she created for us is to come up with 1o reasons why we love where we live. Here goes:

10 Reasons Why I Love Living in Olney, MD

10. The house itself When we were looking to move, we decided that we needed a house that was just a smidge bigger than what we had with an extra bedroom. We wanted a house that you could walk out to the back yard. We needed a 2 car garage and would love for it to be on a family friendly street. when I saw this house online, I knew it was the perfect house. We actually only looked at about 2 other houses and none seriously...this house was perfect.

9. The neighborhood We live on a cul-de-sac with very little traffic and great neighbors who will invite us over for blizzard parties, play dates and have awesome block parties.

8. Living close to family When we moved, we only moved about 10 miles from our previous house, but that also made us 10 miles closer to my parents (who are only 10 miles away now), and only .7 miles away from one of Pat's older brother's and his family. Our kids all go to the same school and they get to see each other often. plus we get to swap babysitting.

7. off the beaten path Our previous neighborhood was just off a major commuting route through Montgomery & Howard Counties and went straight to DC. While it got us to places easily, it was often traffic laden and noisy. Now, the town we live in is no where near any major city or large commuter routes. Now, there are roads we can take to get us places, but we are not in such an urban-like environment.

6. more suburban we are more suburban than we were, but not so cookie cutter and Stepford Wives like. There is a horse farm across the street from the kids elementary school, but we are by no means in the country. It is a good mix.

5. No beltway tie-ups I never have to get on the highway on any of my weekly/daily errands. I love not having to traverse the DC Beltway. The more time I can stay off that death trap, the better.

4. sidewalks There are sidewalks on every street, at least in my part of town. makes walking with the kids so much easier.

3. small town feel It never fails, I can always see someone I know at the grocery store, Starbucks, the gym. there is a general feeling that everyone knows everyone. I remember going out to dinner before we even thought to move here and we felt out of place because so many people at the restaurant were stopping at tables to talk to other patrons. It was nice to see and a definite change from the "don't look at me" feeling you often get.

2. Access We are not too far from cultural centers and activities in DC and Baltimore.

1. no big box stores around This one can also be a hate, but what I have found is that when you live close to a target/walmart there are a lot of people that flock to your general area-increasing traffic, crime, etc. I love that there is no major reason to bring hoards of people to town other than the keeps things nice and calm. We do have everything else you would need (3 grocery stores, library, post office, different places of worship, liqueur store, restaurants, 2 Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and a gym).

In short, I don't think I could ever regret our decision to move to Olney. It cost quite a bit to buy our house, but it will always be worth it. Our kids are in a better environment, making great friends, going to a great school and are happy. Totally worth it.

Motivation Monday

Motivation is one thing I don't think I am lacking. My issue is follow through! I don't ever seem to have a problem getting motivated to lose weight, but it is actually following through with the plan I've decided upon.

To be honest, I guess motivation does play a role in the whole follow-through thing. If I were truly motivated, I'd be able to stick to my diet/workout plan, right?

I know, I know.

What I do know for sure is that I love how it feels when I step on the scale and see a loss. I love the feeling I get when I work out and get all sweaty.

I hated what I saw on the scale this morning and am determined to find a way to make it look better.

My motivation this keep that great feeling going all the way to meeting my goals.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

why won't they leaveme alone

Day 15

It has been 15 days straight that I have been with my children 24 hours a day. I do love them (this has been my mantra for the last 12 days), but they are driving me insane...quite literally.

This "vacation" began with a 23inch snow storm on Dec 19th and we had to deal with no school for 3 days after the snow. I was unable to properly finish my holiday shopping and wrapping and definitely resented having them home with me.

The big girls fight almost non-stop. I have tried every parenting trick I know to get them to stop and nothing has worked. Save for Christmas day, when they actually didn't fight, there has been yelling and screaming and crying and punching and biting (yes, the 8-almost 9- year old has bitten her 5 year old sister at least twice) every single day.

On top of this is the always demanding and tempermental toddler.

Honestly, I am about to lose it.

I threatened the oldest that I was about to leave, get in the car, and drive far far away.

Didn't seem to phase her one bit. My lucky husband gets to leave and go to work. He admitted he didn't want to change places with me.

They are winning...

Friday, January 1, 2010

The annual non-resolution list

Every year, I spend some time on our drive back from visiting the in-laws writing a to-do list for the next year. I don't like to use the term "New Years Resolution", so I usually just stick to my to-do list.

Well, this year I was a little side tracked by Sarah's clavicle injury and never made my list. Instead, I have the following goals for this year:

  1. Become more patient with my children (including the almost 40 yr old one)
  2. Find more time for me
  3. Cultivate my social circle (kind of goes with #2)
  4. Continue down the path toward healthy living (I am afraid if I put an actual number to the pounds I would like to lose, I will be destined to fail. I am starting 2010 about 10lbs lighter than 2009, so I think it is safe to assume I can at least lose another 10, if not more)
  5. Work on my organization
  6. Pay down credit cards
Definitely not an earth shattering list of goals for the year, but things I absolutely need to do. Time is an issue in my life and I really need to get creative on how I find the hidden minutes here and there.

Happy New Year!