Wednesday, January 27, 2010

holding steady

I haven't lost an ounce since last week. I guess I should be happy though, I didn't gain one either.

Actually, that is wrong. I lost and gained and lost again. Something very weird happened Sunday into Monday. On Sunday, I was down a half a lb from last week. When I woke up on Monday, I was actually up 3lbs. How does one gain 3lbs over night?! Quite strange. Thankfully, by this morning I was back down to where I was a week ago. I've hit the gym 3 times this week and thought I was being good. I guess I will have to start counting points again!


*Lissa* said...

Yes, try tracking for a week and see if it makes a difference! Great job on the gym days!

Mom of 3 boys said...

It is hard and frustrating sometimes. I would try tracking your exercising and diet to see if you can find a pattern. Good job getting to the gym. Sometimes it's hard to find the time.

Brooke said...

i took a tracking break over Christmas - apparently i really don't know it well enough to do it in my head. get back at it and i'm sure you'll notice a difference