Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back on the wagon

After a two week battle with the cold from hell, I am back on the shrinking bandwagon! I have barely lost anything (.4lbs to be exact), but you gotta start somewhere, right!

I've started back to the gym this past weekend, and promptly overdid it! My legs and hips were so sore from running on the treadmill, I had to take a day off! Of course, my plans to hit the gym today were derailed by a student in my office with a serious crisis. Her mother couldn't get to pick her up from my office until 3:30, so my plans to workout from 3-4 were shot. However, I am resolved to go tomorrow. Once the kids are done with their homework, I may try to run on our treadmill in the basement. However, that requires relying on the older two to play with their baby sister for 20 minutes. They way they are fighting today, it may not be possible. How many calories do I burn every time they raise my blood pressure? That's got to count for something, right?

Here's to a better week!


Mommy Mo said...

If I exercise when all three kids are awake, it certainly is a different experience than going to the gym and exercising by myself- HA! It can be done, but just have to roll with the punches more. You can do it though! Or better yet, after the kids go to bed, jump on the treadmill and watch TV as you run!

Lisa @ Shrinking Jeans

Christie O. said...

ugh, i think you gave that cold from hell to me!! hahaha! i'm sidelined now too! i'm glad you're over it, and i love that you have a treadmill in the basement! cheers to getting back to it!

Brooke said...

glad you're feeling better. its hard to focus on anything but how miserable you're feeling when you've got a cold. :)