Saturday, January 2, 2010

why won't they leaveme alone

Day 15

It has been 15 days straight that I have been with my children 24 hours a day. I do love them (this has been my mantra for the last 12 days), but they are driving me insane...quite literally.

This "vacation" began with a 23inch snow storm on Dec 19th and we had to deal with no school for 3 days after the snow. I was unable to properly finish my holiday shopping and wrapping and definitely resented having them home with me.

The big girls fight almost non-stop. I have tried every parenting trick I know to get them to stop and nothing has worked. Save for Christmas day, when they actually didn't fight, there has been yelling and screaming and crying and punching and biting (yes, the 8-almost 9- year old has bitten her 5 year old sister at least twice) every single day.

On top of this is the always demanding and tempermental toddler.

Honestly, I am about to lose it.

I threatened the oldest that I was about to leave, get in the car, and drive far far away.

Didn't seem to phase her one bit. My lucky husband gets to leave and go to work. He admitted he didn't want to change places with me.

They are winning...

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