Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shrink Yo'Self Weigh in #4

I feel like it was a great week. My husband is on board with weight loss too, and that makes it SOOOO much easier. We have conversations about what we ate, how many points (even though he is not officially doing WW, he is following along with me- he has no idea how many points he is allowed, but figures it's a few more than me.

On Saturday at my WW weigh in, I learned that my home scale is off by .4lbs from theirs. I weighed myself in my clothes right before I walked out the door and was .4lbs heavier at the meeting. Good thing to know!

I got back to running this week and am hoping to be back on track with running 2-3 miles straight withing a few weeks!

Here are the numbers:

Starting Weight 1*3.8
Last Week 1*0.0
This week 1*8.0
Weekly Loss 2.0

Total Loss 5.8

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shrink YoSelf Weigh-In #3

I re-joined Weight Watchers on Saturday in order to help me on this journey. After the births of my first two kids, it was very helpful in losing the "baby weight". Well my last baby will be four this April, and I am still carrying around the weight I should have lost after she was born AND before I got pregnant!

The point structure has changed a little bit, but the concepts are the same. What is great is that I can use the app on my iPhone to keep track of points, etc. The first few days have not been very difficult. However, the WW scale is different than my bathroom scale. This week, I'm going to have to weigh myself in my clothes right before heading out the door to the meeting just so I can figure out what the difference is...and not be so depressed when my weight is more at the meeting.

One of the big things I struggle with is the amount my weight fluctuates on a daily basis. I can be down 3 lbs and then overnight gain back almost all of it. It is a constant battle. Maybe I Shouldn't get on the scale so often, I don't know. So this week was not great, despite the WW tracking of points. Maybe when I weigh in on Saturday with them I will see greater changes. I was up a few pounds over the weekend, but have dropped back down to where I was last Wednesday.

I worked out 6 days this past week, and hope to keep that up (part of why I am so frustrated with the lack of weight loss though!). After two weeks of just getting back to the gym, I started running on the treadmill again. I had to dial it down quite a bit, but am hoping to get back to running 2-3 miles soon!

Starting Weight 1*3.8
Last Week 1*0.8
This Week 1*0.8
Weekly Loss 0.0

Total Loss 3.0

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shrink YoSelf Weigh In #2

Week two and I'm feeling ok. While I lost a few pounds right away, I did mess things up over the weekend. I had one day of not so great eating and have spent the last three days trying to undo it!

I did stick with the workout challenges. I did at least 35-40 min of vigorous activity for 4 days this week. I hope to do at least that much each week, and hopefully increase it. I totally slammed my water this week too!

The last week or so, I've been just working out on the Elliptical or doing Zumba in the basement. Next week I plan on getting back to running.

So, here are the numbers for this week:

Starting 1*3.8
Last week 1*1.4
This week 1*0.8
Weekly loss 0.6

Total Challenge loss 3.0

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here we go again

I'm a little late in posting my annual New Year's goals/resolutions post. But better late than never, right.

I was a little disappointed in my year last year. Turning 40 was a huge milestone for me and I didn't get to where I wanted to be (mentally & physically) by my deadline. However, I am not going to let that stop me. Here are my goals for the coming year:

Get back on track with exercising regularly
Begin running again
Run a 5K
Focus on healthy eating as a family
Have more one-on-one dates with my girls
Schedule regular date nights with my husband
Socialize more with friends
Keep the house tidy longer
Pay down debt

I've really decided that this is the year of me. In order for me to feel good about myself, I need to get physically and mentally in better shape. I need more quality time with the people I love (including myself!).

As a mom, it is so easy to lose yourself in your children and their activities. Between working full time and parenting 3 kids, I rarely have time for me. What that results in is meals on the go, little time for exercise, and the pounds start creeping up. That also results in mom being cranky and snippy and quick to lose her temper. I hate yelling at my kids and I absolutely need to fix that.

I want to rejoin Weight Watchers, and will hopefully get to do that this weekend. Of course, finding the time to make it to a meeting is a struggle. My husband is on board with all of this, so that definitely helps.

I am also back on the wagon with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! The initial weigh-in was on Jan 1, but I waited until after my New Year's meal of pork and sauerkraut!

My weigh-in on Monday was depressing, I have put on so much weight that I am now at my heaviest in a while. However, with my new goals, I am determined to fix this now! I've been really good about tracking my calories and have worked out everyday this week, so far.

Here's the numbers so far:
Starting weight 1*3.8
This week 1*1.4
Weekly loss -2.4

Total Loss -2.4

Here's to 2012, the year of ME!