Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shrink Yo'Self Weigh in #4

I feel like it was a great week. My husband is on board with weight loss too, and that makes it SOOOO much easier. We have conversations about what we ate, how many points (even though he is not officially doing WW, he is following along with me- he has no idea how many points he is allowed, but figures it's a few more than me.

On Saturday at my WW weigh in, I learned that my home scale is off by .4lbs from theirs. I weighed myself in my clothes right before I walked out the door and was .4lbs heavier at the meeting. Good thing to know!

I got back to running this week and am hoping to be back on track with running 2-3 miles straight withing a few weeks!

Here are the numbers:

Starting Weight 1*3.8
Last Week 1*0.0
This week 1*8.0
Weekly Loss 2.0

Total Loss 5.8

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AnnG said...

Awesome job! Love it when the hubby gets on board to lose weight! It does help tremendously!