Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Do: Revisited

Back in January, I posted my To Do list in lieu of a resolution. In February, I managed to post an update. I haven't revisited it since. Yesterday, I found myself making a new To Do list and realized, I ought to check the old one to see how I've done.

  • Refinance house/take out HELOC
  • Steam clean carpets- This an always ongoing project (with 3 kids and a dog)
  • Organize closets
  • Re-do Closet (buy system from container store in Feb on sale)
  • Find time to work out I did great this summer, but need to step up on this ASAP
  • Paint Family room/kitchen/dining room
  • Burn home movies on to DVD's still haven't done
  • buy curtains for Dining room can't decide on what I want
  • Go through girls clothes and pack/give away On-going
  • Book Sarah's bday party
  • Storm door Haven't done, but REALLY need to.
  • Landscape side of garage we decided to wait until next spring
  • bulletin board for kitchen
  • screens repaired can't figure out how to remove the screens for repair without damaging them. AARRGGHH
  • thank you notes written
  • figure out camp schedule
  • buy and install new baby gates
  • buy new car seat

We did buy new carpeting for the family room and new light fixtures for the Kitchen. The carpet was not on the original list because I hadn't yet gotten so disgusted by it yet! (On a side note--I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY NEW CARPET and wished I had done it sooner! )The builder's Berber carpet in the family room was so gross, it stunk and was no longer able to be steam cleaned any more. There are other parts of the house that need new carpet too, but I can wait a few years on that. We got new light fixtures when we painted. We figured it would look SO much better if we replaced the hideously out dated fixtures at the same time we painted the ceiling- we were right. We've only hung the one over the table so far. We tried to do the island light, but need an electrician for that one (the wires were not centered properly from the old fluorescent light).

Here is my new To-Do list. Don't worry, I'll have a new-er one on New Year's Day-as always!

  • Hang Kitchen light fixture
  • paint ceiling area around old light fixture
  • Pick artwork for family room & hang (can't afford to get real art work, so I'm going to frame some of the kids stuff)
  • clean and organize computer desk area
  • organize craft cabinet and create a "Family Center" (like the one seen here)
  • find end/sofa tables for family room
  • get brackets for wooden blind valances
  • dining room curtains
  • steam clean upstairs/living room curtains
  • write Christmas letter
  • paint or find replacement powder room cabinet

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