Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Status Report

We are just a bit over a month into 2009 and I thought I'd check in on my "goals". Here is what the list looked like on Jan 2:

Refinance house/take out HELOC (in process)
Steam clean carpets (have done dining room living room and stairs)
Organize closets (master bedroom & Emma's done)
Re-do Closet (buy system from container store in Feb on sale)
Find time to work out
Paint Family room/kitchen/dining room
Burn home movies on to DVD's (in process- videos downloaded from camcorder)
buy curtains for Dining room
Go through girls clothes and pack/give away (done- for now, it is never ending)
Book Sarah's bday party (done & invitations in mail)
Storm door
Landscape side of garage
bulletin board for kitchen (Done)
screens repaired
thank you notes written (Written just not mailed- I know, I am a horrible person)
figure out camp schedule
buy and install new baby gates
buy new car seat (Done)

Not too bad for a month!

1 comment:

anymommy said...

That looks pretty darn good to me. I am endlessly behind on thank you notes. It's embarrassing.