Thursday, February 26, 2009

That Child

Every educator, and possibly every parent, knows that child. This is the child that other children feed off of; the child whose presence alone can create a certain energy in the classroom; the child who when absent, the dynamic of the classroom completely changes-often for the better.

I discovered the other day that my child is that child.

Sarah had forgotten an item in her classroom the other afternoon and we went back to get it. Her teacher was still in the classroom as was Sarah's best friend and her mother and a few other kids. The adults got to talking and the conversation revolved around the kids recent behavior. Sarah missed the morning due to a doctor's appointment. Mr. L, her teacher, indicated to me that the entire class was different that morning. My friend Lynn commented that she was so amazed when she walked her daughter Grace into the class. Grace has always talked about how noisy it is in class first thing in the morning, but that morning, everyone was quietly working. Mr . L had noticed the same thing and stated very matter-of-factly that it was due to Sarah's absence. She is a ring leader and they feed off of her behavior.

I knew my child was a social child, but I had no idea she was that child.

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