Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vacation from chaos

Last Thursday we drove up to Pittsburgh to visit the in-laws. It was a lovely visit and all three girls behaved pretty well. We were to stay in Pittsburgh until Sunday when Pat, Emma and I would come home. Sarah and Megan were going to say a week at Camp Grandma! This will be Sarah's 3rd stay without us, but Megan's first.

I wasn't sure how Megan would do. She was eager to go and my mother-in-law was sure that it wouldn't be a problem. Both girls were excitedly planning their visit with Grandma. Sunday morning came and things were going well. The car was loaded, the dog was ready for the return trip and we were saying our goodbyes. Megan was quiet and looked sad. I told her she could come home with us, but she said she wanted to stay. She gave me a big "squeezy hug" and we said goodbye. I was a little apprehensive leaving her, but knew that she would be ok. She is my independent one, much less clingy than her big sister.

The ride home was quiet and calm. The dog settled down quickly and Emma fell asleep. It was nice to not have to break up fights and mediate arguments in the back seat. When we got home, it began to really sink into us that it was just us 3. Granted, Emma is a handful, but it has been so nice to actually be able to enjoy an adult conversation without one of the girls butting in for various reasons.

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