Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy B*tch

I have been so busy lately, I just haven't had a chance to get on and blog about things. Not sure if that really matters to anyone but me, though. However, I had one of those holy-shit-what-did-I-just-do moments last week that I need to write about.

In preparation for leading Sarah's Brownie meeting last Friday, I had to go to Home Depot and pick up some gardening supplies. On Wednesday my after care plans had fallen through, so I rushed out of work to get the girls from school. Knowing that I had a good hour to kill before picking up the little one, I figured that would be the perfect time to get my shopping done.

Of course, I was running late and worried the girls would panic when I wasn't at the school right at dismissal. Thankfully, they weren't the last kids picked up, but they were not pleased that we were taking a detour before heading home. Megan just about melted down over the fact that she wasn't getting a snack right away.

We got to Home Depot and it finally clicked with Megan that we really weren't going home right after school. In an effort to preempt a tantrum, I offered to buy her a snack at the checkout. While Sarah and I picked out what seeds the troop would plant, Megan played on the tractors. We had a few more items to pick up and Megan was about to lose it. We finally get to the check out and there are no snacks, Megan is fit to be tied. We walk outside and I tell them if the snack truck were outside I would have bought them something. Sarah looks around and realizes that the truck was parked way off to the side of the other entrance. The girls run ahead and after quite a bit of deliberation, they finally choose their snacks.

We get to the car and Sarah starts complaining that Megan's pretzel is bigger than her bag of sun chips and that I ate some of her chips and it wasn't fair. Somehow it was all my fault. At this point, I'm trying to drive through the parking lot without losing it, but the constant bickering is killing me. I finally pull over to yell at them and I pull up right on a gentleman getting out of his car. He says to me, "Hey lady, you almost hit me." In my total rage at my kids, I break from my usually calm self and yell back, "whatever, I saw you." Pissed off that he was arguing me and keeping me from unleashing on the kids, my patience melted away and a side of myself that I had never released in public came out. I actually told someone (who was totally innocent) to "screw you"...in front of my kids. I became that crazy parking lot lady that everyone has a story about. I am totally embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I guarantee that man was walking away muttering to himself, "crazy bitch".

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Erin said...

You shouldn't be embarrassed. We've ALL been there, and if that guy had half a brain, he would've kept his mouth shut!