Friday, September 10, 2010

cat people, rats & goldfish

To be honest, part of me felt as though no one would understand my grief after Zoe's death. I kept waiting for people to say, "but she's just a dog". Fortunately, everyone understood. everyone seemed to sympathize and many grieved with us.

However, there was a conversation last week that still has me miffed, to say the least. This conversation was with a couple who are cat people. We were greeted with the usual, "we were so sorry to hear about Zoe", etc. There was a brief conversation about what happened and then a comment that still bothers me, "We know how you feel, we've lost a rat and about 5 goldfish. It's tough".

Really, you are comparing the loss of an animal that should not even be domesticated and a few goldfish to the death of my companion of 11 years. Seriously?!? WTF!!

There are clear differences between cat and dog people. There is something seriously wrong with them.

Or maybe it was just this cat person.

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