Thursday, March 17, 2011

i suck

I totally suck.

I haven't updated here in way too long. Of course, I really don't know who reads this besides my parents, upon occasion.

Obviously, our basement is finished by now, and at some point I will post pictures. We absolutely LOVE it and the girls are down there all the time. Pat was given free reign to purchase the TV he wanted, so now hangs on the wall a 55 inch LED TV. He is so happy to be able to watch TV without needing to wear his glasses or contacts!

Sarah turned 10 on Feb 23rd and we ushered it in with her very first slumber party. We had a total of 9 girls (including our own 3) running around the house for a Spa themed party. We painted nails, made scented bath salts, gave each other chocolate facials, made lip gloss & watched a movie in the NEW BASEMENT! The girls were asleep by 1am, so they tell me. I shut the basement door and didn't hear a peep all night!!!

Our latest news is that we are about to get a new puppy! We are in the screening process for a rescue lab mix. We've met the pups and are about to have our home visit on Saturday morning. The girls are so excited (the adults are too!)

Hoping to update a bit more regularly, and with pictures, soon!

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