Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Before the butt crack of dawn

Ok, I have officially become one of those employees. You know, the one that ducks in the back entrance just so you might not notice how horribly late I am. We are five weeks into the school year and I have been back to work for the past 8 weeks. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have been on-time for work. It doesn't help that "duty-time" is the ungodly time of 7:10 AM. It is just wrong!

I guess the only option I have is to get up even earlier than I do now. Tomorrow the alarm will be set for 4:45. Of course, I need to NOT hit the snooze!!

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Anonymous said...

I came *this* close to ducking out on the pep rally today and sneaking home early. I have to admit, I did feel a bit entitled, given that I only slept 3 hours last night and 4 hours each of the previous several nights, due to grading.

But being the conscientious (read: anal) employee that I am, I still went. And it's a good thing, really, because otherwise I would have missed the spectacle that was the Homecoming Pep Rally.