Monday, October 6, 2008


While cleaning out the van this weekend I found the following items:

7 pre-school projects (5 of which were done in some medium that left debris in the car- the evil person who invented glitter needs to die a long and painful death)
3 socks (not pairs, but individual socks)
1 Empty snack-sized Doritos bag shoved into an arm rest
1 pair of flip-flops
Assorted hair bands and pony tail holders (I swear they reproduce on their own but the minute you actually need one, they are impossible to find)
1 amazing dream jacket

This last item was a product of pre-school Sunday school. Megan walks out of her Sunday school class last week so excited. She is carrying a paper grocery bag and promptly shows me where she had colored it on the back. I asked what it was. She replied matter of factly, "a jacket". Intrigued, I asked what they learned about. She proudly said, "Jophus and his dream jacket".

Too cute!

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