Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

I've skipped a few weigh-ins lately, but am back in the saddle! Now that February is over, my major stress at work has lessened and I feel "normal" again. Just thought I'd pop in and comment that I have finally lost 5lbs! It has only taken 2 months, but I did it!

I decided that I would give up something for Lent this year. I didn't do it last year because I was pregnant, but since I am trying to lose a few, this was a good year to "sacrifice". When I began to think about what to give up I immediately thought of ice cream or chocolate. I pondered these two things and decided that I am not a total glutton for punishment and could not do both. Then I realized, I am a wimp and can't handle the thought of no chocolate. So my idea of sacrifice is to give up my nightly bowl of ice cream.

I announced my plans to one of my girlfriends at work and she then decided that she would give up chocolate. Another co-worker got in on the whole "lent" thing and she decided no chocolate too. Yesterday we were all talking and they decided to broaden it to all sweets. I felt totally guilty with just giving up my ice cream. So now I have relented and am doing my best to go along with them on the whole non-sweets thing.

I may regret this later when I'm totally jonesing for my chocolate fix.


aprilshowrs78 said...

Good luck on giving up sweets! And great job on earning your button!! Keep up the good work!

Christy M. said...

I'm proud of you for giving up sweets! That's a hard one for me. You can do it though!!

That 5# badge looks GREAT on your sidebar! Congrats!