Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just what I need

I was standing in my kitchen after work the other night having an actual conversation with my husband. He had taken the day off to recuperate from the Steelers' win on Sunday and had spent the morning on a search for our middle child's Christmas present (more on that later). Something caught my eye on the floor by the refrigerator. I looked closer and realized that it was a puddle. A small puddle, only 3 inches in diameter, right under the inside hinge of the freezer door. I quickly grabbed a towel and got to work. I opened the freezer door and more water was sitting at the bottom of the freezer. Nothing seemed defrosted so we began the search for cause of the leak. We pulled the whole unit out from the wall, and nothing. So we jacked up the dial to make things colder and got to work cleaning up the water and the dust and debris from under the fridge.

The hardwood floor in the kitchen was starting to warp already (the warping got even worse by the next morning...I love the look of hardwood, but so impractical for a kitchen). God knows how long this slow thaw had been happening. I sent Pat down to the unfinished basement to see if the water damage had seeped all the way through the floor. Luckily, it had not.

We knew that the fridge was on it's last legs and had already planned on using our tax refund in the spring to cover the cost of a new one. Now, I need to shop for one before Christmas...totally not what I want to be doing right now. I am so far behind in preparation for Christmas, that this is going to totally derail me!! We cannot put it off any longer; the last thing I need is for it to completely go while we are out of town visiting the in-laws.

So, I will be taking the day off tomorrow to finish my Christmas shopping so that on Saturday I can go buy a refrigerator. Merry Christmas to me!!

We did tell the girls that we were going to tell Santa to scrap the individual presents this year and just get the family a new refrigerator. She was such a trooper and faked like it was ok but I could see the disappointment on her face. When I told her I was kidding, she was extremely relieved!

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