Sunday, June 13, 2010

pondering my navel

Tomorrow morning I will undergo a laparoscopic procedure to remove my gall bladder-through my belly button. I am not looking forward to this procedure, but will be happy to not have to deal with the pain waking me up in the middle of the night.

A few months ago (Palm Sunday, to be exact) I had horrendous stomach pain that hit me on the drive home from a wonderful evening at my parents house. I was up most of the night with the most uncomfortable stomach pain I had ever had before. I couldn't get comfortable, I felt nauseous, but not like I would throw up. I don't often have stomach issues, so it was concerning. At some point in the night, the pain subsided and I fell asleep. The next day there was no pain and things were fine.

Easter Sunday, a week later, at my in laws in Pittsburgh, I felt the same pain, but it was so much worse. I didn't sleep much and it was awful. In the morning I was describing the pain to my Father-in-law and he thought it sounded like my gall bladder. I started Googling and began reading and it seemed to me that he was right.

From that point, I started watching the fat content in the food I was eating and tried to do a little experimentation with my diet. For a while I was OK, but then out of the blue I would have an attach even when I consumed very little fat. I finally got in to the Dr's office and she ordered an ultrasound as well as blood work to determine what in fact was going on.

The only ultrasound's I have ever had, prior to this, was for my babies. Let me tell you, this was no where near as fun! Instead of looking at tiny toes and fluttering heartbeats, I was trying to see if there were stones in my gall bladder. The technician also checked out my pancreas, kidneys, and liver. I did a lot of rolling onto my side and taking deep breaths and holding it while she shoved the device into my ribs. So.Not.Fun! Plus I didn't get any cute little pictures to take home with me.

The result was a chronically inflamed gall bladder with lots of stones that needs to come out. The surgeon agreed with my Dr. and surgery was scheduled.

So, here I sit, waiting to go in at 6:45 tomorrow morning for surgery. Since my diagnosis, I've had a few more attacks, including one on mother's day, and a horrendous one a few weeks ago that I likened to labor pains, just 6 inches higher up in my abdomen. I really don't want surgery, but I also don't want to have this pain anymore.

I'm not too nervous, but I wonder if I should be. It is general anesthesia, and there is always a risk. I made sure I tucked my babies in with lots of hugs and kisses tonight, but I'm sure all will go well.

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