Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday morning, I woke a little later than my usual time and headed out to drive myself to the surgical center by 6:45. My surgery to remove my gall bladder, a cholecystectomy, was scheduled for 7:45 and I needed to be there an hour earlier. In order to get the girls off to school and daycare, we decided that I would drive myself and then Pat would come later so that he could drive me home. We would leave a car there and pick it up later.

I was taken back to get ready for surgery and given gown and fashionable no-slip socks to wear. They started my IV and I waited for the Dr to finish his first operation of the day (I can't imagine how early I would have had to be there for that one). I met with the doctor and physician's assistant as well as the anesthesiologist and answered the same questions over and over (any allergies, what am I having done, any previous surgeries, etc). When that was done they walked me back to the operating room, strapped my arms down and the last thing I remember is taking a few deep breaths of the anesthesia.

The next think I know I am waking up in recovery a little freaked out. The few times I been under general anesthesia, I wake up either too giddy, or upset. This was an upset one and it really freaked me out. They moved me to a chair to sit and I was beyond thirsty. The rest of the time I was there is pretty much a blur. Pat joined me, but I really don't remember much of what was said to me during that time. I changed into my clothes and was wheeled out to the car to go home. I really feel as though they rushed me out and I could have used a little more time to sit and get my bearings.

I came home and slept and vegged out much of the rest of the day. The kids were anxious to see me when they came home from school. All three rushed up the stairs to check on me and see my wounds. Poor Emma wanted only to give me big hugs and lay on top of me. I felt so bad having to push her away. She is too young to understand. Bedtime for her was the worst, I think. She was ok with Pat reading her stories, but once she was in her crib, she kept calling out for me. I went in once and hugged her from outside the crib, but could not pick her up. Pat finally got her down, but she was not happy. Tonight might be even worse.

Today has been somewhat better, but the meds don't seem to be doing much to relieve the pain. I just get foggy and light headed. The doctor has called in a new prescription for me and hopefully, that will be better.

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