Thursday, August 19, 2010

views of hatteras

Now that I am back at work and am staring the start of a new school year down, I thought I'd post some more pics from our vacation a few weeks ago.

My tan is fading, but the cold I caught while in the Outer Banks still lingers on.

Seriously, we had a great vacation with wonderful people in North Carolina and I wish we could afford to go for 2 weeks! You would think that with 13 "kids" (a few of them aren't really kids anymore) and 10 adults that it would be hectic and full of drama. So far from the truth. We get along better with Pat's cousin's and their families than we do with some of his brother's and their famlies. It is such an easy vacation, I wish they could all be this easy.

Sarah on the beach

Megan digging a big hole in the sand.

Emma enjoying the beach

All the "kids"

Our last evening at the beach

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