Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I injured my ankle last week.  I ran on Wednesday and felt fine.  I woke up on Thursday morning a little sore and stiff, but that's nothing new.  Thursday afternoon, the inside of my left ankle hurt when I run. not a lot, and I just figured it was stiff and I didn't warm up enough.  About a mile into my run, the pain stopped.  when I finished the run and started my cool down, the pain returned. 

I didn't run on Friday because my schedule didn't allow for it. I also took Saturday off just to give the ankle a bit more rest.  Sunday I headed to the gym determined to take it easy but to get a work out in.  It hurt as soon as I started to run.  The ankle brace I also wore felt ridiculous and started to hurt as well.  I was only able to run for 20 min and then had to stop.  I clearly screwed something up.  It's a little swollen and sore to the touch.  Icing it helps, but not enough.  I can function and walk on it, but a workout is out of the question.  It nearly brings me to tears to not be able to work out.  I can't believe I actually just said that!  I have really gotten into a groove with running and feeling great about it.  I worry that this setback with have lasting effects on my motivation.  I haven't ran since Sunday and I probably won't even try until after we return from a trip visiting my in laws this weekend.  It just makes me sick!

Despite no exercise, I have lost weight this week.  Which is great since tomorrow is the final weigh-in for our "biggest loser" competition at work.  But in reality it is bad because I'm pretty sure that means I've lost muscle mass and not fat!  Again, lasting effects!!!  UGH.  I will tell you that I am both happy and upset that this competition is ending.  I can't wait to have the pressure off me a little bit (or at least for a few days) so that I am not constantly worried about my food intake/workouts. But then again, competing with my co-workers has kept me accountable and on the right path.  There is little chance of me winning 1st place (since I'm currently in 4th), but my department team may be able to win the team competition!!  Here's hoping!

The numbers this week:

Starting weight ......1*3.8

Last week...............1*0.0
This week...............1*5.8
Weekly loss...............4.2

Total Loss...........18.0

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