Friday, November 14, 2008

Pillow Talk

My husband worked late last night and came home after I had gone to bed (which, by the way, I was in alone until 11:40 when the baby woke up. Just in case you were wondering from last night's post). At 2:30 AM I am awakened to the sounds of him preparing for bed. When I asked him if he had just gotten home, he informed that he had been home for a few hours. He often needs to decompress after work and will stay up watching TV, but not last night. No, last night my dear wonderful husband heard a rumor that someone he works with is on a porn website. That SOB spent over an hour online trying to find it. Then comes to bed and has the audacity to tell me about it and to tell me that I need to try and find it for him today! I was half-asleep at the time with a baby lying next to me so I knew that it wasn't the time for a "discussion", so I held my tongue.

This morning, I sat down to check emails and take care of business (read that as hook myself up to the good old Medela pump). I open the laptop and what do you think is staring me in the face?! The website he had been on last night had frozen the computer and I was stuck staring at a bunch of "twigs and berries"! I had to shut the computer down and restart to get it to work. Thank goodness one of the girls didn't decide to play Webkinz!

He looked very tired this morning. Served him right for staying up late surfing porn sites!! Now, am I slightly curious as to who this coworker is and what's online? Just a little, but I won't admit that to him!

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