Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Resolve

Don't be confused by the title of this post. I know that I said I had goals not resolutions, but I do want 2009 to be a more healthful year. I need to not wake up with pains in my back and feet and I need to be able to feel better about how I look (granted most of that back pain is from carrying around a 18+ lb baby much of the time). So, I am energized to make some changes this year. Not huge changes at the moment, but changes nonetheless.

I have not lost all the baby weight from Emma and it is driving me crazy. The weight came off easily with Sarah and then I proceeded to lose more. With Megan a few years later, it was harder, but I was able to do it no problem. I have always been on the heavier side, so even losing the baby weight I wasn't at my ideal goal weight, but I still felt ok about it. This time around, being 37, I definitely feel my metabolism has slowed to a crawl. Where breastfeeding caused the baby weight to just melt away with the other two, I am still hanging on to 10 pregnancy pounds. Plus, I would love to drop at least another 20 on top of that.

Of course it doesn't help that we spent a few days over the holiday in Poundsburgh...oh, I'm sorry, Pittsburgh. I love going to visit my in-laws, but man it does not help the waistline to have goodies everywhere and lots of big meals. My mother in law is a great cook and definitely enjoys making big meals; it is hard to resist temptation. Also, she baked over 10 different varieties of cookies this year and they just sat on a platter on the table begging to be eaten. I feel like it is non-stop grazing when we are there. I inevitably put on a few pounds while we are there.

That being said, Pat and I are determined to do our best in 2009, especially since we are heading to the beach with half of his extended family this summer. I am worried what dieting will do to my milk supply (since it is a daily struggle for me), so I am hesitant to cut my caloric intake too much. But I will be watching what I eat and attempting to get off the couch a lot more. Once we get closer to Emma's first birthday, I will kick it into high gear since my milk won't be an issue then.

So, I weighed my self on Jan 2 (had to wait until after my New Years Day meal of Pork and Sauerkraut) and am using that as my starting weight. While I am not confident enough to share that number with you, I will let you know that as of today (I am going to try and use Wednesdays as my weigh-in day), I am down .4 lbs (I need to stop getting on the scale every day, because 2 days ago I was down over 1.5 lbs). I know, that's essentially nothing, but I'm going with it anyways! I haven't exercised this past week, but plan on getting some time on the treadmill, or at least walking the halls at school this coming week. The junk food and goodies from the holiday have all been pretty much consumed at this point and replaced with veggies and healthy snacks.

I feel good about our commitment and hope that we don't lose focus.


Anonymous said...

We're starting a new challenge tomorrow so consider this a new day. You guys are going to do AMAZING!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

New challenge starts tomorrow!!
The holidays are over and we can do it!

Mommy Mo said...

Gosh, your post sounds like a lot of my past one. We have so much in common. In fact, I recognize your screen name/blog- do oyu visit mine? FOllow me on twitter? I think I might follow you. My brain is officially MUSH.

I have three children, #3 was born in September. The other two are 5 yr old and 2.5 yr old. I am 36, will be 37 in May. AND I am BF'ing as well and worried about decreasing my supply.

Hang in there- we'll do this together!!!

Christy M. said...

Love your blog! And thanks so much for joining us at the Sisterhood. We do have a new challenge starting tomorrow, so hop on board. We'll give you lots of love and support.

I'm also breastfeeding, although my daughter is 13 months, so it's not her primary source of nutrition anymore. But on WW they suggest you consume an extra 10 points or 500 calories to account for breastfeeding. So far it's been working for me. My biggest issue with baby #1 was all the weight I gained after I stopped breastfeeding. 30# total. It was awful. I'm determined not to go there this time around.

Best of luck to you! We'll all be here if you need us.

anymommy said...

Here's to a happy, healthy New Year. I have no doubt you can do it.

Anonymous said...

you'll do great! Don't give up! (and hey, I am a native Pittsburgher if that is a word...I understand what kinds of food you got hit with there!)

Love all of the pink (3 for me too!) and your blog. Just started followig you on Twitter too! I'd love for you to do the same if you want! My twitter name is hiltonheadmommy (email gnvwhite at gmail dot com)