Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a day!

Last night the weather forecast called for snow starting midday and into this evening. Sometimes, these forecasters are wrong. Often, here in the Washington DC area, what is supposed to be snow ends up being rain, or just a dusting. As someone who works for the school system, I love a good snow day. However, I rarely get my hopes up.

This morning, I got up at my usual time, knowing that there was only a slim chance that the "storm" with "significant accumulation" would come in early. I certainly didn't want to risk waking the sleeping baby snuggled in next to me. So, I went into the bathroom and looked out the window. Nothing on the ground...I knew it! Those weather men/women were all wrong. I took my shower and prepared for my day.

As I walked down the stairs, I noticed a dusting of snow on the street. Hmm, we might get out early today, I thought. I fed the dog and let her out back. What I thought was a dusting was actually about half an inch on the deck. I turned on the TV and then learned that schools were cancelled for the day. I could have slept in!

I crawled back into bed and snuggled for a little while until Pat got up for his shower and Emma wanted to nurse. I got breakfast underway while Pat went out to start his car and clear off the snow. A few moments later, he came back in the door a little flustered. Evidently the key fob lock malfunctioned and as soon as he shut his car door he heard the doors lock automatically. There he was, the car was running and the keys were now locked inside. He did not have a spare key and was stuck. We live pretty far from his station or any co-workers that could help him out. I was getting ready to go out and help him with a coat hanger when his brother (who lives down the street and is also in law enforcement) called and told Pat he had a "slim jim" so he could jimmy the door open. Only 30 min late for work, Pat finally hit the road!

I used the snow as an opportunity to get my aerobic work out in today once Emma took a nap. IT felt good to get out there and the snow was pretty easy to shovel.

Sarah and I each had orthodontist appointments this afternoon. I was dreading them since she is a thumb sucker. I was sure I'd leave there knowing that I would soon be thousands of dollars in debt for braces for both of us. Before we could even get there (with all three kids in tow), Megan was dragging her feet and giving me grief about having to go. She called for to come help her upstairs. I reluctantly headed upstairs and found her standing in the corner of my bathroom facing the shower door. I thought she had possibly closed her hair in the door and was stuck. She turned around and then I saw the blood. I couldn't tell exactly where it was coming from and she wouldn't tell me. I finally figured out that she had been playing with her father's razor sitting on the counter. I rinsed it out and determined that it wasn't as deep as I thought and bandaged it up.

Once at the Orthodontist's office, the girls were a handful. Sarah sat in the chair first and Megan was doing her best to keep my attention on her and not her sister. Turns out, Sarah's bite is not as bad as previously thought. Braces aren't needed yet. However, she has to stop sucking her thumb NOW. The Dr gave her a good talking to and wants to see her back in a month to see if she stops. If not, he will install some sort of blocking appliance on the roof of her mouth,

My TMJ related jaw problem is not a bite issue either. He has referred me to an oral surgeon to explore some other possibilities and once we diagnose and discuss whether I want to treat it, then he will address my "snaggle tooth" that keeps pushing out further and further.

Dinner was homemade chicken noodle soup made with the stock from the chicken I roasted on Sunday. Pat and I loved it, the big girls barely touched it, Emma inhaled it! This kid is an eater!!

For a snow day, it was a busy one, but all in all a good day!

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Jessica McFadden said...

Thanks so much for the great sledding recommendation! And good for you on doing your own shoveling. I did Jillian Michael's The Shred with my kids. They're getting considerably more shredded than their mama.