Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling productive

I am on Spring Break this week and I am totally loving it. Normally, we travel to Pittsburgh to visit my husband's family. This year, he is on call all week and is unable to take leave. So, I get to have a relaxing week filled with household projects AND am able to send the kids to daycare!! BONUS!

So far, I have switched out Emma's outgrown clothes for her "new" spring/summer wardrobe. One good thing about having had 3 girls is that by the 3rd one, we don't need to buy any new clothes! I also pulled out some "new" clothes for Megan. She is growing like a weed and desperately needed new spring/summer stuff as well. She might not be able to wear as much as Sarah's old stuff as I would prefer, since she's got a little more junk in her trunk than the 5 slims will allow. The clothes have all been washed and are waiting to be put away.

Yesterday was the day I had set aside for Sears to come and do the annual maintenance on the washer & dryer as well as the dishwasher. While waiting for the 2 different repairmen to come I was able to take care of my "annual maintenance" at the gyn. as well as pay bills and begin organizing the files in the basement. I received a surprise visit from a nice young man from Verizon in the afternoon who has convinced me to save about $40 a month by switching to Fios. {If anyone has anything good or bad to say about Fios, please let me know. I can still cancel.}

Today I have finished copying all the paperwork needed for our Refinance and have worked out. Will tackle the remainder of the organizing in the basement and possibly wash the slipcover on the sofa. I am procrastinating on cleaning out the fridge, but will get to that at some point this week.

Not too shabby!

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