Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why is this so hard?

I absolutely hate my husband.

Well, not really.

Last week I decided that I had to do something and I joined the gym near our house. I have gone to the gym almost every day since. I have been watching what I eat and doing pretty good, so I thought. I have lost a total of NOTHING!

My husband, who I love dearly, has decided to start exercising as well. In a week he has lost like 7 lbs.


Seriously, there is something wrong with this picture. I lose ounces and he loses serious weight.

It is a good thing that he loves me unconditionally, because at the rate I'm going, I'll never be his trophy wife!


*Lissa* said...

Men suck! ;o)

And, I just emailed you again. You are on Team Pink.

Brooke said...

it really does suck - i won't work out with my husband at all. and i sneak extra calories into his dinner ;)

you'll get there - and i'm sure he already considers you his trophy wife.

Anonymous said...

You're on the perfect team, aren't you. More Pink!

Just wanted to pop in and say welcome to the group. We are so going to win. : )